Thursday, February 28, 2013


My father has been living and working in Barbados for the last 6 months, and for a week this month, my family and I finally went to visit. I've tried to limit the number of photos I share, as this is a food blog, but it's difficult to go on vacation and not want to tell everyone about it. I'll try to be brief and food related...

I was warned by my father that I would find the Barbados food culture to be at odds with my own, which turned out to be fairly true—vegetarian meals were scarce, cane sugar was everywhere, and much of the produce was imported and expensive.

However, I found a lot to love food-wise in Barbados—I drank fresh coconut water everyday, developed an obsession with unsweetened plantain and cassava chips, admired the prominence of local fish and even chanced upon a local agricultural fair called Agrofest. There, I bought myself a locally grown watermelon (have I ever written about my complete obsession with watermelon?), and even some local honey. I also tried a traditional Bajan confection made of local cane-sugar (!). To boot, after watching the preparation of freshly caught fish at a morning fish market, I ate swordfish at the Oistins fish fry—Uncle George's came highly recommended.

Am I becoming too relaxed in my old age? I don't felt amazing to let go and explore a new local food scene.

Thanks Dad, for the most wonderful trip! All my love!


  1. Wonderful images!!


  2. These photos are amazing! Barbados looks and sounds wonderful! I'm happy you had a good time!


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