Monday, December 3, 2012


Christmas is coming, so I've also been busy knitting and making cards etc..., and work is pretty nuts right now too. I have been baking at home, because James and I have had company for the last two weekends, but by the time I feel any ambition to take a picture, it's gone.

I've been feeling conflicted about the amount of cane-sugar baking I do, when my real interests are in baking with local sugars, but here are a couple little sugary things I've made lately. The cookies are just a basic sugar cookie recipe with royal icing. I made them for fun, because I'd like to improve my piping and decorating skills. The cake is a chocolate genoise, with orange flavoured buttercream, that I made for a friend of James'. The colour combination for the cake's icing was a definite mistake, but I do think taste is most important, and the feedback was great. I hate looking at all the imperfections of my decorating, but I try to remind myself that I have to start somewhere.


  1. Oo beautiful cookie! You're getting really good at decorating with icing, Beth!

  2. That first photo is so pretty, and it makes me feel nostalgic for some reason.


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