Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Foraged Apple Crumble

I've yet to settle into Toronto living, and it makes me a bit anxious. Especially right now, when I know my garden at my family home is producing beets and carrots, and there are apples waiting to be picked from our tree.  Also, my mom tells me the cottage is beautiful this time of year.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Raw Hazelnut & Cacao Nib Refrigerator Cookies

As winter approaches, I am becoming less strict about my adherence to a raw diet. However, I have found I prefer many raw recipes to their unraw counterparts—I am maintaining my switch to cashew yogurt and nut milk, and zucchini hummus is just so delicious, and much easier to make than chickpea hummus. I really did miss tea, though.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


My vegetarianism has always been based on the supposed philosophy that "if I killed it, I'd eat it." Until recently, however, I'd never actually lived that motto. 

While fetching James for our move to Toronto, I had the chance to go clamming, and have a clam boil on the beach. Digging for clams was actually a lot of fun—probably my favourite part of the process.

We boiled the clams over an open fire, with an assortment of root vegetables, an onion and some crushed red pepper. It was my first non-vegetarian meal in 7 years, and though I felt no moral apprehensions about eating the clams, their disgusting bodies made me think twice...clams are really gross looking. I overcame their appearance and they were surprisingly good, though I don't foresee any clam cravings. I think I've probably had my fill for life.

James and I are officially moved to Toronto, so life should be settling down, and I will soon return to some of my normal activities—blogging, for example.

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