Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cake Decorating: Birthday Cake (Buttercream Roses & Piped Chocolate)

I was asked to make a cake for some fellow employees' birthdays. I may have over-done the decorations...the cake turned out a bit feminine—Mother's Day-ish, even—but, they got what they paid for. If you notice a bit of roughness around Birthday, it's because, on my first attempt, I wrote Happy Bithday. Don't judge, I have an excuse—someone called right when my chocolate had come to working temperature, and instead of accepting my inability to multitask, I decided to go ahead with the spelling, while on the phone. Fortunately, chocolate becomes stiff when cool, so I just removed the letters with a paring knife and tried again.

Happy Birthday Dan & Hannah!


  1. Haha - looks beautiful to me! I do the same sort of thing all the time, though... try to write something while I'm talking to someone, and then I end up writing what I'm saying or something else entirely... :P
    At least it was an easy mistake to fix. :)

  2. Those roses look really good! You must show me cake decorating when I get back. I'm terrible at it.

  3. my favourite are the little leaf-thorns

  4. I love your handwriting! It is all very pretty!

  5. Love those roses! Talking of birthday cake, you might like this Janet Evanovich quote Evanovich quote

  6. Your cakes, desserts, photos, and blog are so beautiful! I am tres impressed :)

    P.S. - currently enjoying Leah's butter tarts from today - some of the best I've had!


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