Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Eating Raw in Toronto: Live Food Bar

James and I went to Toronto this weekend and ate out at a raw food restaurant called Live Food Bar. We had dinner there Saturday night, and brunch the next morning. Though brunch was by far my favourite meal, I only took dinner pictures because I felt really awkward photographing my food in a busy restaurant.

For dinner, we had Raw Jicama Poutine, the Open-face BLT, the Raw Combo Plate, Raw Carrot Cake and a Raw Rocky Road Brownie. The Tostadas and Cannelloni from the combo plate were my favourite part of dinner. The Raw Carrot Cake was great too—I couldn't believe how smooth it was.

For brunch we had the Sunshine Wrap and the Raw Blueberry Pecan Pancakes, with Blue Fusion and Goji Protein Fat Burner smoothies. We split a glass of Kombucha and Raw Tiramisu for dessert. Everything at brunch was delicious. The Blueberry Pecan Pancakes was my favourite dish from either menu—the maple cashew cream was amazing.

I had never tried Kombucha before, and was surprised to find it tasted very much like apple cider. Unfortunately, as I began researching for recipes, I discovered it's made with sugar...woops. I'm hoping honey might work as a substitute, if I ever gather enough ambition to make it. I'd like to try, as it tastes very nice and I'm interested in its supposed health benefits.

The Live Food Bar was a good experience, though it was awfully crowded and busy—not that they can help that, but I prefer quieter WOW. I don't think anything will ever beat my undying devotion to the Wild Organic Way—the food, the atmosphere and the nice people—even now, as I discover that their website has become inactive.

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