Saturday, December 24, 2011

Strawberry Banana Fruit Roll Ups

I wonder if it is pure coincidence that I am making Fruit Leathers around the same time as my first attempt last year? Or maybe there is some unknown force at work...

The theme of my Christmas this year seems to be hand-made...everything. So, in accordance, I made strawberry-banana fruit leathers as a gift and Christmas treat for my brother's girlfriend, who is avoiding sugar and spending Christmas with us this year. Though fruit leather is not complicated to make, it is very delicious. Here's a basic process—endless adaptations are possible.

Simple Strawberry & Banana Fruit Roll Ups

  • some amount of fully ripened strawberries (I used a pint)
  • some amount of very ripe bananas (I used three)

1. Remove stems and wash strawberries. Puree with bananas in a blender, until very smooth.
2. Gradually strain the mixture through a sieve to remove strawberry seeds, then pour and spread onto non-stick dehydrator sheets (mine covered two sheets).
3. Dehydrated at 115F until dry—they should peel off easily and be slightly tacky, but not sticky.
4. Cut & wrap.

Merry Christmas!


  1. my kids would love me to make these. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Looks delicious. Would love for you to share your pictures with us over at

  3. Do you have to have a dehydrator?

  4. I have only ever done it in a dehydrator, but I know it can be done in a really low set oven—I think you typically leave the oven door slightly ajar as well.

  5. These look amazing! Fruit roll ups are one of my favorite things from childhood, and I'm sure yours are delicious. Also, I love how you put them together/presented them! So pretty.

  6. Thanks for this! Any idea on the ballpark time it would take to dry? (4 hours+/-? 12 hours +/-?)

    1. It depends on how thick you make your rolls, but for this one I'd say about 8 hours.

  7. lovely idea and hope I still can find strawberries at the market (if not I'll use nectarines). Nice pics.


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