Saturday, October 22, 2011

School Pictures: Swiss Farmer's Bread & Danish Pastries

Just some more school pictures. We made much more than bread and pastries this week, but I didn't bring much home—just this, and some date squares that I left for my mom and her co-workers. We made something called baba au rhum...but even the smell of it made me sick—too much sugar, citrus and rum.

According to my teacher, the main difference between these Danish pastries and the Puff Pastries that I posted about last week is that these pastries are leavened with yeast. It's the many folds and steam in the puff pastries that make them rise. She also called all of these shapes "danishes"—I always thought a danish was just the circular pastry, like the one in the bottom right. Anyways, they were fun to twist, shape and fill.


  1. Yum! I want a danish!

    BETH how did you make that little icon beside your url??

  2. It's an option in the Design thing of your Dashboard, I think! You just upload a tiny photo, haha.


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