Thursday, September 22, 2011

School Pictures: Meat Pie & Braided Bread

Soon I will get back to baking things I can eat. Until then, I need to practice with my camera, so here are some pictures of what I learned in school today:

How to make mini meat pies...not very useful for me, but still fun. At least dad is happy and I'm improving my dough rolling skills.

We also learned how to make a braided loaf of bread. I love the way it looks, though I can't speak for how it tastes...the dough has sugar in it...drat. Anyways, I need to remember how to do it, so I'll record it on here...

How to Braid Bread

1. Divide you dough evenly into three loaves. For our recipe, we set them aside for a second rise.

2. After the rise, flatten the loaf, then tuck and seal the edges to create a seam. Flip it over (you want the seam on the bottom) and start rolling it back and forth, from the tips of your fingers, to the bottom of your palms. Begin at the center and move your hands away from each other towards the end. Use a little pressure to press out any air bubbles and taper the ends. Repeat for each loaf until desired length is achieved. Make sure the strands are even, then line the strands up vertically.

3. Beginning in the center of the loaf (you're just braiding the half that it closest to you), bring an edge strand over the middle strand and lay it in the center (you can start on either side). Do the same to the other side, and continue bringing the "bottom" strand to the center until you reach the end of your loaf. Stick the ends of the strands together and tuck under the loaf—don't try and stretch the dough to extend the braid; it will only shrink back.

4. For the second half, you must flip the loaf over, so the side that was laying on the table is now facing you and the unbraided ends are closest to you. Repeat step 3.

5. Once your loaf is entirely braided, give it a few rolls to settle the braid and taper the ends. If some of your seams are still visible, place that side down on the baking tray. Now admire your beautifully braided bread.

It's a pretty easy process. I just hope I still think so come exam time...

PS: Remember how I made apple pie last week? Well, I can't update you on how it turned out, since my dog ate the entire thing.


  1. These are all so cute! You could probably use the meat pie CRUST part of the recipe and change the inside into a vegetable pie. Haaaaa Tilly. She can't help it! It's IN HER NATURE.

    Omg… I got paid today and after two weeks of eating almost nothing because I couldn't afford it (I weighed myself… I've lost ten pounds this month…) I shelled out ten dollars for BAGUETTE AND CAMEMBERT!!!! It is the most delicious snack I have ever had. I am dying from joy.

  2. The curst unfortunately has sugar in it...everything has sugar in it...they really like sugar and shortening.

    Tilly also ended up eating the entire loaf of poppy seed bread...she is quickly losing favour.

  3. That bread looks so delicious and also pretty! And omg, how funny and unfortunate about the pie! My dogs do similar things. Trouble!


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