Friday, September 16, 2011


Plenty has been going on since my last post. Here is a list of my excuses for infrequent blogging:

1. School. I didn't want to mention it earlier, in case I somehow jinxed it, but I am attending Algonquin College for Baking and Pastry Arts.  It's official—I started last Thursday.

So far, I love it. Though I can't taste anything, since it has loads of sugar in it, I'm excited to learn new techniques and about the science behind baking. I made pie for the first time today—apple and pecan.

2. I have a new job. Not much of an excuse, but it's something new.

3. Lately, I have been discouraged from taking pictures with my point and shoot...the poor results were frustrating. So, I decided to hold off, knowing... a new camera was in the mail. It finally came today, so I experimented using my baking from class...

like soft bread rolls....

and rolled tea biscuits with cinnamon and sugar. Sorry about all the sugar, but the camera was too exciting.

4. I was working on a new banner. What do you think?


  1. if you want to eat a more guilt free pecan pie use this recipe, I did last thanksgiving and was stoked!

  2. You're apple pie is so cute! And I really want pecan pie now. That's so exciting that you finally got a new camera! That means you must update ALL THE TIME NOW.

    Your banner is pretty!

  3. I like your pictures, especially the one of the bread rolls!

    How nice that you are liking school, and that the new camera got to you. I would also really like some pie now...

    I also love your new banner! Did you draw it all yourself and design the type? The font is lovely!

  4. Thanks!

    I did draw it and then I got Marc to colour it in for me on photoshop, hah. I tried doing it myself was too difficult. I am still thinking I'm not too happy with the leaf though...


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