Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What's Up, What's Up...

Still not baking. There is a heat wave...it's so hot, especially in the kitchen. I have been up to other things though...

First of all, I found a job—I sell produce at a vegetable stand for a local farm, and occasionally pick beans. It might not be ideal employment for a university graduate, but I am more interested in learning about agriculture and preparing myself for the day I have my own farm, than having anything to do with English.

My employers are incredibly nice people and I get the opportunity to ask lots of questions and learn about plant varieties. However, my favourite part so far has been selling at a farmer's market in Ottawa...I have always dreamed of being on the other side of the table. I usually work 10 hour days plus an hours worth of travel, so forgive my neglectful and sloppy blogging—I have been up since 4 am.

I have also been concentrating more on my running. I recently purchased a pair of Vibram Five Finger shoes. By recently, I mean about 6 weeks ago, but I am just now falling into a more comfortable stride and really enjoying it.

Shortly after my big purchase, I read Born to Run by Chris McDougall, which was a great book and further convinced me that Vibrams were the way to go. I wish I had more energy to write about McDougall's book but...I don't...I highly recommend it though. Very interesting and inspiring—makes me want to be running all the time.

Despite all of this, I have been in the kitchen. I made a quinoa salad for my parents and even my dad approved. I got the recipe from a friend of James', who made it for our Raw Food dinner...although I realize that it is not entirely raw.

Unfortunately, I don't think I should recopy the recipe, as James tells me his mom uses it as a dish in her restaurant, The Westporter in Westport, Massachusetts. I will tell you that there are nuts...raisins...cumin...and lots of raw veggies...and that it is delicious. Maybe I'll get permission from her one day and update this post...but for now, that will have to do.


  1. Crazy shoes! Very nice! The book sounds really good, too!

  2. Love the shoes and the food looks delicious! :)


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