Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Peel Sessions: How to Peel a Mango

Over reading week, I was visiting my friend Katie. She happened to have a bowl of mangos sitting on her kitchen table, so I asked if I could have one. I cut it up into a million irregular pieces and ate it that way...the only way I really knew how. Afterwards, as I was tossing the peel, her dad came in and said something along the lines of "you know you can peel a mango like a banana." No...I didn't.

I have actually eaten a mango every day since I learned this trick. I even tried an Ataulfo mango, which tasted pretty similar but...they were on sale. I know mangos aren't exactly the picture of local eating during winter in Canada...but...I love them. And, like I said, they were on sale...poor students can't be too picky.

Anyways, I still I wish I had known How to Peel a Mango a little earlier in life...

Score the top of the mango with a knife.

Peel slowly and see how easy it is!

Peeling a mango is a joy when it is well-ripened...and quite a struggle when you're too impatient to wait for it to ripen.

So, depending on the ripeness of your mango, the skins might come off in just a few large pieces, or a bunch of little ones. Once the peeling is done, you can just eat it off the pit.

Anyways, if anyone didn't know this little tidbit of information, I hope I have gotten to you before you spend 22 years eating irregular shaped mango slices. While thinking about mangos, I started, of course, Googling them. Here's a site full of interesting information...including different ways to eat them (I had no idea people sprinkled salt on them):

And finally, it only seems appropriate to have the nutritional information...

Nutritional Information 
(per 100 grams)
Calories: 65
Fat: 0
Sodium: 2 mg
Carbohydrates: 17
Fiber: 2
Protein: 1
Calcium: 1%
Vitamin C: 46%
Vitamin A: 15%
Iron: 1%



  1. Hahaha my dad would be so proud! Also, he loves ataulfo mangoes.

  2. …He wants to know where you are getting them, since he cannot find them where he normally shops in Ottawa. haha

  3. No Frills!! They're selling them by the case for $9.99 this week!

  4. mango fruit companies
    I'm in no doubt coming back again to read these articles and blogs.


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