Saturday, December 25, 2010

Attempts to Feed my Father with Granola Bars

Now that I am home for the holidays, I have made it my mission to get my father to eat breakfast. To avoid the excuse of limited time in the morning, I decided granola bars would be best. I made these last week.

The first two pictures are of Breakfast Oatmeal Bars. I used pecans and added an assortment of dried fruit beyond raisins, mostly in an attempt to soak up all the milk. I only used a cup, but there was plenty sloshing around in the bottom of the bowl, even after I let it sit for 15 minutes, hoping the oats would drink it up. I baked them anyways and the texture was a bit strange...but I thought they were good. Dad thought otherwise, so I drizzled honey overtop. I individually wrapped them for portability and, despite his complaints the night before, he took three the next morning (I guess he assumed I individually wrapped them just for fun...). Unfortunately, the dogs ate the rest of them while I was gone to the post office. I'll never know if dad left the container slightly open on purpose, but no matter, I am not so easily discouraged.

These were called Apple Walnut Squares. I added just a few raisins and a bit of shredded coconut to the recipe because I didn't have quite enough dates and my dad loves raisins. I also used pecans instead of walnuts...simply because that's what I had. They were pretty crumbly coming out of the oven though...too crumbly, really. I think next time I'll squish them flat into the pan, cause I left them a little loose this time. It was a struggle to wrap these, but I did and dad has eaten a total of one, though he claims to like them better than the first ones.

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